5 Best B2B Marketing Reads of June 2019

Whether in B2B or B2C, the way people buy goods and services is constantly evolving. This is most evident today in B2C retail, but B2B is not immune. Here's a look at five articles that caught our attention in June, and if there's a common thread it's this: The more you know about how your prospects research and buy, the more you're going to sell. Think customer empathy.

Five Keys to Building Better Buyer ExperiencesTheresa O'Neil via MarketingProfs

Are you meeting the expectations of your buyers? Remember, today's buyers are accustomed to experiences like those offered by Amazon and Netflix: Easy to use, easy to understand, and if the product or service isn't available on-demand, the wait won't be very long.

Some B2B purchases are complex and can't be available right away, but it's important to remember that your website, the content you produce, and the interactions with your sales team are all part of your customer experience, and for many B2B buyers, these interactions aren't hitting the mark.

Key quote:

Forrester found that 80% of buyers feel their meetings with salespeople aren't valuable, and that 75% think sales reps aren't knowledgeable about a buyer's specific business. What's more, according to a Harvard Business Review article, irrelevant, non-valuable information or content is what slows down opportunities in the early stages.

Read the rest: www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2019/41265/five-keys-to-building-better-buyer-experiences

The Most Frustrating Things for B2B BuyersGartner's Hank Barnes via LinkedIn

Modern B2B buyers are bombarded by information. There is so much information they have trouble parsing it and filtering it, which makes it difficult to find the information they really need. And once they do find relevant information, it seems to open the door to follow-up messages they aren't ready to receive.

Looking at the way you interacted with your customers should provide some clues about the best ways you can interact with your prospects.

Key quote:

The frustrations of buying can’t be solved easily. But vendors can try to reduce it by being more thoughtful about what they share, how they share it, and how they approach the follow-up discussions. The best path to that -- uncover how customers buy by looking at how your existing customers buy.

Read the rest: www.linkedin.com/pulse/most-frustrating-things-b2b-buyers-hank-barnes/

B2B Selling to a Millennial StakeholderKira Jerome via Heinz Marketing

Millennials make up a large and growing portion of the B2B buyers out there, which means marketers need to think about the way Millennials consume information.

There are a lot of 'S' terms to think about when it comes to Millennials: Social, short-form, self-guided. One thing they don't particularly like: phone calls.

Key quote:

Companies should view their online content (including both the website and social media content) as the first “salesperson” or “representative” that a millennial buyer will interact with and gain insight from.

Read the rest: www.heinzmarketing.com/2019/06/b2b-selling-to-a-millennial-stakeholder/

Why Measurement MattersDavid Pring-Mill via DM News

Today's marketers know they need to measure just about everything, and that it often takes time to build up those capabilities, especially when you're trying to analyze data that is spread across different business units or silos that remain from legacy technologies or past M&A activity.

This article looks at Bain and Company research that attempts to quantify the results of modern measurement programs. If you're trying to convince people the benefits of measurement, you'll want to give this one a read.

Key quote:

“Companies at the highest level of measurement maturity outperform others in attaining their business goals.” Specifically, they found that “marketers on average could realize 25 percent to 30 percent higher revenue over the first year for each dollar spent on advanced measurement capabilities that inform bidding and automation strategies.”

Read the rest: www.dmnews.com/data/data-management/article/21074487/why-measurement-matters

What B2B Brands Can Learn from Conscious ConsumerismBelinda Booker via Raconteur

More evidence that the divide between how people make B2C and B2B purchases is disappearing and that the generational shift underway in the workplace is partly to blame. There's also a desire for social and environmental responsibility in the vendors that young buyers do business with, so if your firm is working on such initiatives, make sure they're getting attention in the marketing materials you produce.

Key quote:

We’re seeing much more bottom-up decision-making with employees being more involved in the research and recommendation process. We know that 85 per cent of buying starts with online research and younger, more junior people will be part of the research process.

Read the rest: www.raconteur.net/business-innovation/b2b-marketing-conscious.

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