5 Lessons for Marketers from the State of the Cloud 2019 Survey

Marketers who worked on cloud computing campaigns back in the early days of the cloud likely remember messaging full of references to CapEx and OpEx, capacity, and better resource allocation. All of those messages were true at the time, and they remain true today.

But now that the cloud has graduated from emerging technology to widespread use, cloud users are offering us a look at what they see as the biggest advantages the cloud has to offer.

QuinStreet's Datamation website recently unveiled its State of the Cloud 2019 survey findings, which provide a look at the benefits that got cloud users to take the ascent in the first place.


Each option was rated on a scale of 1-4 then combined into an overall scale from 1-10.

Lesson No. 1 for Marketers: Think Business Benefits

Faster deployments and on-demand capacity might sound like tech-speak, but they carry very real business benefits in today's fast-moving world. They make it easier and faster to put new applications in market and keep them available to customers and employees even during peak usage periods. Think about new apps, big annual sales or events, or the need to respond quickly to market twists and turns and fickle consumers. Want to define it with one word? Agility. That's what cloud users are looking for from their cloud.

Lesson No. 2 for Marketers: Costs Still Matter

Much of the early promise and messaging surrounding the cloud centered on cost reduction. It spoke of data center consolidation, less infrastructure to manage, and better utilization of existing infrastructure. This all remains true today. Right after agility, costs are a top motivator for cloud adoption.

Lesson No. 3 for Marketers: Yes, You Still Need to Talk Security

It's hard to believe that businesses still rank security concerns so highly when they discuss cloud challenges, but here you have it. Despite some of the largest, most trusted brands in the world leading the cloud market, IT professionals remain worried about data security in the cloud.


Each option was rated on a scale of 1-4 then combined into an overall scale from 1-10.

A cloud vendor recently told us they weren't hearing as many objections about security as they did in the past, but that nearly all of their prospects are bring up compliance. With so many industries subject to compliance regulations, and with sweeping rules like GDPR on the books and likely coming down the line, compliance is an area that deserves attention in your messaging.

Lesson No. 4 for Marketers: It's Clouds (Plural), Not Cloud


The State of the Cloud 2019 survey found that multi-cloud environments are on the rise. This represents a couple of opportunities for marketers. First, IT organizations are using multiple clouds because different cloud providers have different offerings and different areas of expertise. It's a wise move for marketers to emphasize their differentiators and showcase the areas where they lead the pack. Just because an IT organization is running on other cloud platforms doesn't mean there's no room for your cloud service if it's a market leader in its space.

The second opportunity revolves around managing these multi-cloud environments. Clouds, like on-premise IT systems need to play nice with each other. And the number of cloud-based services and applications in an organization can introduce complexity – something the cloud was supposed to reduce. Providing IT organizations with the tools to increase visibility into cloud environments and measure things like ROI and performance will become increasingly important as this trend continues.

Lesson No. 5 for Marketers: It's Really All One Environment

Call it hybrid IT or whatever you'd like, but the modern IT organization is managing an increasingly complex mix of on-premise and multi-cloud environments, and it's important that everyone working on messaging in this space understand that. Even if you're not marketing cloud platforms and applications, it's important to realize that this blending of on- and off-premise platforms is now business as usual for many IT organizations. That means everything they consider adding to their environment, from applications to security tools, to infrastructure management, needs to be viewed through this reality.

Posted in Research on May 22, 2019

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