Intent Intelligence

Target High-Propensity, In-Market Accounts

Make any marketing program smarter by leveraging our 1st party audience and industry-leading surge data to reach companies that are in-market for specific business solutions.

From Surging Signals to Actionable Intelligence

IT and Business Professionals are constantly generating actionable data online. We analyze each interaction with content, resources, blogs, and more within our B2B portfolio to find the most frequent and recent activities occurring, by company. By identifying and analyzing these content consumption trends, we can deliver personalized, stage-appropriate content to individual buying groups at specific companies.

  • Identify Surging Accounts

    We identify accounts in active research mode around specific topics
  • Personalize Messaging

    We personalize your potential customer’s experience with stage-appropriate content
  • Provide Insight

    We analyze the frequency and location of the specific topics being researched

Click here to learn more about surge scores and how we use them to identify in-market companies.

Intent Intelligence uses surge scoring to measure predictive signals.

The Data Science Behind Surge

Our Intent Intelligence targeting services are powered by Bombora , the largest aggregator and industry standard for B2B intent data.

Surge scores are used to provide an overall measurement of a company's content consumption frequency and recency by topic. Companies demonstrating significantly increased content consumption on specific topics are considered experiencing a surge. Surge scores range from 0-100, with scores above 60 considered in-market.

powered by BomboraThe data science behind surge
  • Topic consumption by interactions
    The number of interactions from a company on a particular topic compared to two years' of historic data.
  • Topic consumption by unique users
    The number of people looking at a topic from a particular company compared to two years' of historic data.
  • Weighting of interaction types
    Bombora monitors article reads, searches, downloads, registrations, etc. and each have their own weighting in Bombora's Topic Interest Model.
  • Mean topic relevancy
    The measure of how relevant an article is to a specific topic – is the topic the focus of an interaction or mentioned tangentially?
  • Engagement metrics
    The measurement of the depth of engagement that a company has per interaction (e.g. scroll velocity, dwell time, etc.).

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